How Can Hypnosis Help

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that causes deep relaxation which allows the mind to be open to transformation, learning, and re-learning of thoughts/habits. In a therapeutic setting, the hypnotic state allows the relaxation of not only the physical body but also the gateway between the conscious & subconscious minds.
At this point, positive or health/life affirming thoughts & beliefs can be introduced so that a desired change can be established in the mind. These new thoughts that support your Goal drives you to automatically & naturally make healthier choices.

Quit smoking

Hypnosis works for people who are ready to quit smoking. After the stop smoking with hypnosis program, you will discover that your feelings, thoughts and responses regarding smoking are fundamentally changed. They no longer crave nicotine, no longer respond to stressful situations by thinking of having a smoke, or transfer to another bad habit.


‘Our mind can be a wonderful servant, but a dangerous master’. Confidence is not a given, it can change from day today. It’s a part of our mindset. When a person doesn’t believe in themselves or believes they’ve lost their self-confidence, then their self-esteem is affected too


Do you have a fear of animals, places or certain activities? Very common Phobias include fear of spiders, snakes, dogs and rats. Hypnotherapy for phobias is an effective way to overcome your fears, leading to a happier and more fulfilling life.

Stress and Anxiety

Anxiety may occur in different forms such as social phobias, panic attacks and generalized anxiety disorder. The reasons for the presence of anxiety disorders vary individually .
For some people, the cause of fear can be found early in childhood events while for others it occurs as a defence mechanisms for subconscious conflicts. For others again anxiety can occur as a reaction to stress and strain.

Weight loss

With hypnosis for weight loss, you can positively change your eating patterns. One strategy is to Fee fuller much quicker. I specialise in virtual gastric band in hypnosis, this type of hypnotherapy for weight loss works directly at the subconscious mind to change the behaviours and eating habits


Addictions and habits are negative behaviours and patterns that may interfere with a person’s ability to live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. Common issues include sugar, smoking, gambling, binge drinking, overeating, procrastination, nail-biting, impulse shopping, fidgeting.


Spiritual Hypnotherapy is one of the most powerful healing tools around today, helping to restore the connection between the subconscious mind and the soul, tapping into your true essence, and conditionining the mind to heal.

A Spiritual Hypnotherapy session may be helpful and healing for you if you are ready to release old patterns and beliefs from your life, reconnect with your true self, and embrace the life you desire. This is a powerful process that, when combined with intention, will transform your life.


Past Life Regression Therapy involves going back to earlier lifetimes to retrieve memories, patterns, and events that may still negatively influence your life today. It can be a transformative and insightful process. The knowledge gained can help overcome obstacles, phobias, fears, and habits. It can also resolve painful relationship issues. PLR can also be used to access positive attributes from previous incarnations and integrate them into your life as a resource for the future.

As a Certified Past Life Therapist, I will work with you to find the ways your past lives can help heal issues that have surfaced and also find talents and qualities you possessed in other lives. Actually, you do not even have to believe in past lives for it to be helpful! Just be open for whatever help you receive and there you have it – good results!

Online Hypnosis

How Do Skype Hypnosis Sessions Work?

It’s about 45-minutes for your each session, In advance of the session, you can let him know what you want the session to support.


Price may vary between 80$ and 110$ according to session type.

Number of sessions?

Donec in ipsum at enim?

Results expected: To see lasting changes plus depending on the issues, Hamid often recommends about 7 sessions spaced over a few weeks.

Hamid Jaouhar

Registered Psychotherapist | NGH Certified Hypnotherapist-Since 2000

Formed in North America and in France. Generous, a beautiful quiet strength that fills you with knowledge and know how. Trainer in NLP and Ericksonian hypnosis, a rich unusual life, hes very liked and a respected coach. A real force capable of leading the struggle against ignorance. It offers interventions in France, Belgium, Switzerland and across all Africa to promote NLP, Performance and How to live a happy life, Hamid’s self -transcendence make him a true life coach as we like to meet.

When we will be having our session, I will make sure tp provide all the resources that going to implement the desired results in your Life. I am among the few Master Trainer in NLP, Hypnosis and Coaching, with additional training in EMDR Psychotherapy and EFT. In addition to the sessions that you will receive, I will stay available to you at any time during the day or night I will be you ally. We will together get to the success that you are looking for in your life , with your partner, family menbers, colleagues and your mental and physical health.


NLP Trainer certification from ABNLP and INLPTA.
Hypnosis Therapist from NGH.


You will get an incredible service and very professional person. I recommend

Severine Cacheux

Very good session with Hamid!


Hamid is a great coach and therapist

Safia Koliai

An experienced therapist, smiling and listening knows establish genuine atmosphere conducive to learning, technical and practical alternating juggling humor Hamid has made this training a succession of “revelations of our skills.” THANK YOU.

Vanina Gourgue

Very nice and very professional person! Thank you so much for ALL:)

Rom Lab

Excellent Therapist. TO RECOMMEND

Hanan Barakat

Very Good!!!

Heiwa Na Senshi

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